Rocky Intertidal Monitoring

Davenport Landing 37.02271628568868 -122.21529743654092

LiMPETS site since 1983

Davenport Landing is located off Highway 1 on the northwestern edge of Santa Cruz County. It is north of the town of Davenport and before Scott Creek. From Highway 1, turn onto Davenport Landing Road, which is a continuation of Swanton Road, and park near the public access trail to the beach. The monitoring site is on the rock platform at the southeast end of the sand beach. Turn left when you reach the beach and walk over the cement structure that drains seawater from the US Abalone mariculture facility. The vertical transect and mussel permanent plot are on the western edge of the rock platform. The anemone permanent plot is near the middle of the rock platform.


Park near the public access trail to the beach on Davenport Landing Road.


A public restroom is next to the access trail along the road.

Davenport Landing
Davenport Landing