How do I Get Involved?

Who can participate?

We work with many different types of school groups, informal environmental education and community organizations. Our Sandy Beach Monitoring Program is open to 6th grade to college students, while our Rocky Intertidal Monitoring Program is designed for 9th grade to college students.

Schools and environmental education groups pay a small fee to join LiMPETS and to conduct monitoring alongside LiMPETS scientists. Once you are a part of LiMPETS, we provide staff support and a variety of resources. Offices are located in San Francisco, Monterey, and Santa Barbara. Services include equipment loan, assistance in the classroom and the field, support with data entry and analysis, and more!

Are you a student interested in LiMPETS? Ask your science teacher to get involved!

Are you an educator that lives more than 50 miles from the nearest National Marine Sanctuary Office? Read about our operating policy for educators outside the vicinity of our offices.

What is involved?

  1. LiMPETS Workshop: All teachers and educational leaders need to participate in a Workshop to join LiMPETS.
  2. Training: LiMPETS science educators come to your class prior to monitoring to teach your students protocols, species identification, etc.
  3. Monitoring: Collect important data with your students! How frequently should you monitor? That’s up to you. Some participants monitor only once per year. Others monitor seasonally or monthly.
  4. Data Entry: After data is collected, you and your students enter data online.
  5. Analysis: Optionally, students research questions and use the online graphing tools to analyze results.
  6. Communication: Sharing your results is important too! Some participants present posters at scientific meetings; others enter student film contests or write science blogs for the LiMPETS website.