Rocky Intertidal Monitoring

Frenchy’s Cove 34.00665838071854 -119.41137734676789

LiMPETS site since 2006

Frenchy’s Cove is located on West Anacapa Island. Boat transportation to this site from Ventura Harbor is provided through Island Packers. To make reservations call (805) 642-1393. You will also need to verify your sampling dates with Jessie Altstatt, to ensure other research institutions are not using the site. The site is accessed by a five-minute hike from one side of the island to the other, past a site monitored by the Channel Islands National Park.


There are no restrooms at Frenchy’s Cove. Please remind students to use restrooms on the boat before going ashore.

Frenchy’s Cove
Frenchy’s Cove