Sandy Beach Monitoring

Seabright Beach 36.962683 -122.007337

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This beach is part of the Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz. From either northbound or southbound Highway 1, take the Soquel Avenue / Soquel Drive exit. From northbound Highway 1, you will cross over the freeway. From southbound Highway 1, you will tun right at the stop sign and left at the light (Soquel Avenue). Be certain you are on Soquel Avenue and NOT Soquel Drive, as they change names over the freeway. Turn left at 7th Avenue. Turn right on Eaton Street and go over the yacht harbor. Turn left onto Seabright, the next light after the bridge. Turn right on Brook Avenue and park near the beach entrance at the bottom of the hill. At the top of the hill in front of you is the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.


Park near the beach entrance at the bottom of the hill on Brook Avenue.


There are not many public bathrooms at this beach. The closest public bathrooms might be at Museum of Natural History or at the shops along Seabright.