Present a Poster at a Scientific Conference

So you are going to make a scientific poster – don’t worry, we have all the resources you need! Start with your research question and you will be presentation-ready in no time! Do you have your topic and research ready to go? If not, go to the Science Communication Research Page.

  • Poster Making Fact sheet
  • Worksheet
  • Poster Layout

  • Links to example posters
  • Need help writing your methods? Go to the LiMPETS website

Now that you have made your poster, your teacher needs to submit it to the scientific conference. For this, you need to write an abstract which is like a summary of your poster.

  • How to write an abstract
  • How to present your poster (handout and video; coming soon)
  • Science communication tips and best practices (handout and graphic)
  • Example Timeline for your Monitoring and Poster-making