LiMPETS 2020-21 Distance Learning Program Options

We are continuing to offer LiMPETS programming via distance learning and virtual opportunities to follow public health and safety guidelines.

We have 4 different options for distance learning introducing your students to the LiMPETS program. Option 1 is open to ALL TEACHERS interested! Options 2-4 are only open to LiMPETS trained teachers that have completed one of our teacher workshops. Options 2-3 are only open to trained teachers because they require a more in-depth knowledge of our curriculum and field trips to support student learning.

Contact your local LiMPETS coordinator for more information and to register here

Option 1: Virtual Natural History Exploration Prezi Presentation (Open to ALL TEACHERS)

We have programs for both sandy beach and rocky intertidal habitats focusing on natural history and how students monitor these ecosystems with LiMPETS.

Sandy Beach Ecosystems (6th-12th Grades)

Module 1:  (~40 min)

  • Introduction to LiMPETS Program
  • What is a National Marine Sanctuary
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Climate Literacy Slide: Rampant CO2
  • Pacific Mole Crab Life History/Introduction to Sandy Beach Habitats
  • Why the LiMPETS Program Monitors the Pacific Mole Crab

Module 2:  (~20 min)

  • Overview (simplified version) of Methods and Protocols LiMPETS Uses to Monitor the Pacific Mole Crab

Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems (9th-12th Grades)

Module 1:  (~45 min)

  • Introduction to the LiMPETS Program
  • What is a National Marine Sanctuary
  • Why We Monitor
  • Climate Literacy Slide: Ocean Acidification
  • Overview of Rocky Intertidal Zones
  • How We Monitor the Rocky Intertidal

Module 2:  (~45 min)

  • Rocky Intertidal Species ID
    • Students learn to ID 26 species of rocky intertidal organisms

Option 2: Ocean Acidification the Other Carbon Dioxide Problem-Reading and Discussion

Open to Trained LiMPETS Teachers

Prerequisite: Option 1 Rocky Intertidal Presentation

Grades: 9th-College

2 Modules: ~1 Hour, 20 Min (Total)

Module 1: ~20 Min

  • Reading (Done in advance of discussion)

Module 2: ~1hr

  • Discussion (LiMPETS Staff Led)
  • Provide Students with Questions Related to the
  • Reading
  • Students Answer Questions in Breakout Groups
  • Share Answers in a Classroom-Wide Scientific
  • Discussion