2022 Eyes In Sanctuaries

The LiMPETS Network celebrated its 20th anniversary with “Eyes In Sanctuaries” stewardship-building monitoring events along the California coast.

Throughout November 2022, 407 students and teachers joined ten monitoring events to learn about and explore intertidal habitats of California’s national marine sanctuaries–areas of conservation where key organisms are protected and conserved. The LiMPETS Network contributes to spreading awareness about these protected places, and contributes important data to marine conservation.

348 students from historically excluded backgrounds participated in “Eyes In Sanctuaries” monitoring events. A total of 560 sand cores were processed for Pacific mole crab (Emerita analoga) at sandy beaches across California. That’s a total of 72.8 meters squared of sand analyzed! Quality data was collected, proving anyone can be a scientist and contribute to conserving the ocean.

For some students, this was their first time experiencing these amazing underwater national parks, contributing to a real-world science project, or even going to the beach! Introducing students to their local ocean environment with hands-on research provides them with an impactful experience and empowers them to take part in ocean conservation for years to come!

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