LiMPETS Presents Ecological Trends to Non-profit

On September 14th, the Greater Farallones LiMPETS team, Abby Nickels and Monika Krach, presented to Friends of Fitzgerald board members. LiMPETS in the Greater Farallones management area have collected ecological data at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Half Moon Bay since 2006. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is a Marine Life Protected Area that lies within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The non-profit that supports the Reserve, Friends of Fitzgerald, is a vital partner to the LiMPETS program. The Board learned about the long-term, ecological trends revealed by LiMPETS student-collected data, as well as the scientific and educational updates to the program. After the presentation, Friends of Fitzgerald donated funds to buy new equipment and create field materials for the LiMPETS rocky intertidal program. Thank you Friends of Fitzgerald!

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